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        The content and design of the website pages are subject to copyright owned by Emissive Energy Corp., or used under license from a third party copyright owner. You are welcome to print pages for your personal use but no part of this website may be reproduced or transmitted for any other purpose without the written permission of Emissive Energy Corp.

        Emissive Energy has made all reasonable efforts to ensure that all information provided on the website by ourselves, and from third parties is accurate at the time of inclusion. However, there may be inadvertent errors on the website for which Emissive Energy apologizes. Emissive Energy reserves the right to make changes and/or corrections to the website at any time, at its own discretion.

        From time to time this website may include links to other websites. These links are provided in order to enhance the interest of other featured contents and are not intended to signify that Emissive Energy specifically endorses or otherwise has any responsibility for the content of the linked website.

        This website is made available for public viewing on the basis that Emissive Energy exclude to the extent lawfully permitted all liability whatsoever for any loss or damage howsoever arising out of the use of the website or reliance upon the content of this website.

        Any information related to a supplier or product on the website, which is not part of Emissive Energy, does not represent any endorsement by Emissive Energy of the quality of the supplier or product offered.

        Your use of this website and any dispute arising out of the website is subject to the laws of the state of Rhode Island and the United States.


        Emissive Energy respects the privacy of every individual who visits our websites. This privacy statement provides notice of the standards and terms under which Emissive Energy protects the privacy of information supplied by visitors to sites on the World Wide Web that are owned and operated by Emissive Energy, including www.inforce-mil.com. This privacy statement provides notice of our information collection practices and of the ways in which your information may be used. This policy may change from time to time, so please check back periodically to review this information.

        What information does Emissive Energy collect and how is it used?

        A. Personally-Identifiable Information:

        Emissive Energy typically receives specific data about its website visitors only when such information is provided voluntarily, such as when our visitors request information, purchase or enroll for services, or send us e-mail. Of course, some of these activities require that you give us information, such as when you make a purchase, use a credit card to pay for services, or request certain types of information. When you provide personally-identifiable information to Emissive Energy through one of our websites, it will be used to fulfill your specific request. In most cases, you will be given the opportunity to select whether you do, or do not, want Emissive Energy to use this information for additional purposes. You may also request that Emissive Energy not use your information by sending an e-mail to info@inforce-mil.com, however, Emissive Energy reserves the right, in its discretion, to send you bulletins and other important information about INFORCE / Emissive Energy Corp. Absent any instructions from you, Emissive Energy may use information you provide to inform you about additional services and products offered by Emissive Energy Corp. Emissive Energy will not, however, sell or trade your personally-identifiable information unless we are authorized or legally required to do so, or in the case of imminent physical harm to the visitor or others. On those sites where you voluntarily offer any feedback, data, answers, questions, comments, suggestions, ideas or the like, Emissive Energy will treat that portion of the information as non-confidential and non-proprietary and, except as otherwise expressed in this privacy statement, Emissive Energy assumes no obligation to protect such information from disclosure.

        B. Non Personally-Identifiable (Generic) Information:

        In general, Emissive Energy gathers some generic information automatically. Generic information does NOT reveal the identity of the visitor. It usually includes information about the Internet address assigned to your computer, the number and frequency of visitors, and Emissive Energy sites visited. Emissive Energy gathers this information for the limited purpose of determining customer service and website needs. We accomplish this by using certain technologies, including “cookies” (a technology that can be used to provide the visitor with tailored information about Emissive Energy). Emissive Energy does not combine information collected in this way with any personally-identifiable information. You can set your browser to notify you when you receive a cookie and you can refuse it.

        D. Exceptions and Limitations:

        Notwithstanding the foregoing and in compliance with applicable laws, Emissive Energy cooperates fully with state, local, and federal officials in any investigation relating to any content (including personal or private electronic communications transmitted to Emissive Energy) or purported unlawful activities of any user of the Service, and takes reasonable measures to protect its proprietary rights. For the limited purposes of accomplishing such cooperation and measures and in compliance with applicable laws, Emissive Energy may be required to disclose personally identifiable information. In addition, Emissive Energy may elect to monitor the areas of communication of any kind to satisfy any law, regulation, or government request; if such disclosure is necessary or appropriate to operate Emissive Energy.


        Emissive Energy Corp. (EEC) warrants our products to be free of defect in workmanship and materials for the lifetime of the original owner. We will repair or replace the product, at our discretion, if it is determined by us to be defective. In countries or jurisdictions in which specific restrictions exist on lifetime warranties, EEC provides a 10-year limited warranty. Damage to the product from misuse, abuse, neglect, disassembly, defective batteries, or altering the product from its original state voids the warranty. Battery power depletion and battery expiration is not covered. This warranty is in addition to and does not affect your statutory rights with respect to faulty goods. Except as specified above or prohibited by applicable law: all express or implied conditions and warranties, including, without limitation, any implied warranty or condition of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, or accuracy of any informational content, are hereby excluded and disclaimed by EEC; and in no event will EEC be liable for any special, direct, indirect, consequential, incidental, or punitive damages howsoever arising and regardless of the theory of liability, even if advised of the possibility of such damages. Products, prices, availability, specifications are subject to change or cancellation at any time without notice.


        Factory issued return authorization is required. For return or repair, contact Customer Service at 817-381-4551 or e-mail support@inforce-mil.com to obtain a Return Authorization number (RA#). Package the item securely and return. UPS, FedEx Ground or USPS shipment is recommended, which allows the package to be tracked and insured. Replacements cannot be made on products that are not received. RA# must be clearly marked on the outside of the package containing the INFORCE product. Mail to: Sellmark Corporation, Attn: Returns Department, 2201 Heritage Pkwy, Mansfield, TX 76063.


        EMISSIVE ENERGY, INFORCE and OWN THE NIGHT are registered trademarks of EMISSIVE ENERGY CORP. BATTLE READY TOOLS, APL, APLc, WML, WMLx, and the distinctive shapes, styles, packaging configurations and overall appearances of all INFORCE products are trademarks of EMISSIVE ENERGY CORP.

        ISO 9001: 2015 CERTIFIED

        Emissive Energy Corp (EEC) is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company. Our certification, valid for the design, development, manufacturing and distribution of optoelectronic systems was issued by the International Organization of Standardization (ISO), globally known for its quality management systems. Det Norske Veritas (DNV), an official accreditation body for ISO 9001 standards, made the recommendation for certification.

        ISO Certificate The ISO certification process, with it’s rigorous documentation of operational processes and procedures has been embraced by EEC and is proof of its undying resolution to continue to provide high-quality, advanced military, law enforcement and OEM illumination systems to the global market.


        Beware of Inferior or Counterfeit Batteries

        INFORCE recommends the use of Duracell®, Energizer®, and Panasonic® lithium 123A batteries only. There are many counterfeit and inferior lithium batteries in the market that do not pass safety qualifications. Use of such batteries can be known to damage the product and can seriously injure the user. Certain instances resulted in counterfeit and inferior lithium batteries exploding, catching fire, and causing burns. Inferior batteries also do not meet performance standards and decrease LED run time.

        Handle with Care

        All lithium batteries present some danger when handled improperly. If batteries are punctured, cut, crushed, exposed to water, high temperatures, or fire, they are prone to explosion and can result in serious injury. DO NOT attempt to dissemble a battery. DO NOT mix batteries with used or differing battery types. DO NOT use rechargeable batteries in INFORCE products. DO NOT place batteries in the product in the opposite direction. Store batteries in a cool, dry, environment away from objects that could puncture the battery. Keep batteries away from children. If batteries are tampered with or are stored incorrectly, resulting in damage to the INFORCE product, the warranty may be void.

        Proper Disposal of Lithium Batteries

        Battery recycling laws and regulations differ state to state and around the globe. For details on proper disposal of used batteries, please contact your local waste disposal service or governmental recycling agency. There are also reputable online battery recycling websites, such as batteryrecycling.com. DO NOT throw batteries away in a trash receptacle. This could cause fire and expose batteries to objects that could cause an explosion. Thank you for disposing your batteries in an


        effective and safe manner.

        Lighting the way environmentally.

        At Emissive Energy Corp. (EEC), we take being an industry leader seriously. And, it goes beyond the continued pursuit of creating the world’s most innovative handheld lighting to being a good citizen of the planet. We have taken the step to engineer our lighting products and related components right from the start with the environment in mind. In fact, even before the RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) and WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) directives were issued by the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union, we voluntarily chose to avoid the use and incorporation of many hazardous substances commonly found in the manufacturing and packaging of lighting and related components.

        Materials such as lead-based solders, lead-based aluminum and hexavalent chromium are simply not used in any of our products. We chose this path because we knew it was the right thing to do. Furthermore, all of those associated with EEC can be assured that we will vigorously continue in our efforts to produce products in the most environmentally sensitive manner possible.

        Producing products in compliance with RoHS and WEEE directives.

        As an environmentally conscious company, EEC is dedicated to producing its products in an earth-friendly fashion. As such, all of our products are designed, engineered and manufactured in keeping with RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) and WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) directives. RoHS directs that manufacturers reduce the use of several hazardous materials in electronic and electrical products, none of which we use in our manufacturing process. WEEE makes manufacturers accountable for the safe disposal of waste electrical and electronic equipment, with which we are also compliant.



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