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        INFORCE Tactical Lights Chosen by Elite French Special Operations Units

        INFORCE Tactical Lights Chosen by Elite French Special Operations Units

        Within the international military brotherhood, the French have some of the most well-trained and experienced operators on the European continent. With a history tracing all the way back to Charlemagne in the year 800, the French are the inheritors of a proud warrior tradition. Since the 1970s, French special operations forces have seen action everywhere from the deserts of North Africa and the palm-strewn island of Guadeloupe in the Caribbean to the streets of Paris.

        An elite fighting force is a combination of well-trained individuals and top-tier equipment, and INFORCE is proud to announce that its cutting-edge tactical lights have been handpicked by elite French special operations units. Among them are the fearless Air Parachute Commando No. 10 (CPA 10) and the dynamic RAID (Research Assistance, Intervention, Deterrence), who have both opted for INFORCE as their weapon light of choice for covert missions.



        Air Parachute Commando No. 10 (CPA 10)

        The CPA units, officially known as Commando parachutiste de l’air, are specialized air assault units operating under the French Air and Space Force. These units have a rich history, initially modeled after the Soviet airborne troops and molded to fit France’s specific strategic needs, the CPA is currently actively participating in conflicts such as counterinsurgency operations in North Africa and Afghanistan. CPA 10, one of the distinguished CPA units, focuses on reconnaissance, counterterrorism, and unconventional warfare. Notably, CPA 10 showcased its valor by defending the French embassy in Ouagadougou against a determined terrorist attack, demonstrating its competence and commitment to safeguarding national interests.


        RAID (Research, Assistance, Intervention, Deterrence)

        RAID, an elite tactical unit of the French National Police, was founded in 1985 with the primary mission to combat extremism and terrorism on French soil. Despite its relatively young age, RAID has earned a reputation for its exceptional performance in numerous high-risk operations against kidnappers, potential suicide bombers, and lone wolf terrorists. Operating with a consistent history of operational successes, RAID has maintained a remarkably low casualty count of only three since its inception. The unit has been actively involved in countering both foreign and domestic threats and collaborates closely with other renowned counterterrorist forces, such as the GIGN. In 2023, RAID units were deployed all over France to assist local police in dealing with nationwide riots after the killing of a North African teenager by police.


        Both CPA 10 and RAID have chosen the INFORCE WML White/IR tactical light for its exceptional durability and tactical versatility, making it an ideal companion for their missions. Specifically designed for low-light engagements, this tactical light boasts a peak intensity of 3800 candelas within a concentrated 400 lumen beam. Additionally, it features 100mW of infrared (IR) power, catering to the units' requirements for seamless integration with night vision optics. The INFORCE WML White/IR has proven to be a reliable tool, meeting the stringent demands of these elite units during their critical operations.

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        The use of INFORCE lights by French special operations forces is a testament to the quality engineering utilized in INFORCE lights and underscores the company's commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions for military and law enforcement professionals. As these elite units continue to operate in complex and high-stakes environments, their endorsement of INFORCE tactical lights reflects their trust in the brand's reliability, durability, and tactical effectiveness. INFORCE's collaboration with these esteemed units showcases its dedication to supporting those who safeguard national security all over the world, setting a standard for excellence.

        Your Home Defense Setup and You

        Your Home Defense Setup and You

        There’s a man I know who wants to get enough tactical equipment to hold off a small army by his lonesome. That includes a helmet mounted night vision monocular, two different types of bulletproof vests with deltoid and groin protectors, several types of knives for close quarters combat, and a spear.

        Now, realistically, in a home invasion scenario, one would hear – at most – a window shattering as a sign of an intruder. Many times, that’s the only form of early warning someone will have. There will be little to no time to don body armor, prepare night vision, and pick and choose weapons from one’s personal armory.

        Things like body armor, multiple weapons, and a bug out bag are great for when you have a large crisis such as a citywide riot or a natural disaster, ergo when you have time to prepare before “bugging out” to safety. However, defending your home when you’re caught by surprise is a different animal altogether.

        A person’s home defense response should involve him grabbing his self-defense items quickly and easily to respond to the crisis as swiftly as possible. For practical purposes, a home defense setup should consist of little more than a light and a gun.

        In a middle-of-the-night encounter, a home defender will most likely be facing his opponent wearing nothing but his pajamas and bunny slippers. There will be time for little else other than grabbing whatever is closest and running to investigate the disturbance.

        The common maxim goes that “the best defense is a good offense” and this is true even for defending your home. Walls can be scaled, windows can be broken into, and security cameras can be destroyed, but to take out a homeowner with a gun, any intruder will have to deal with the gun.

        One of the great advantages of a home defense gun is that it doesn’t always have to be compact. A shotgun or rifle allows more power than a handgun, but frequently has greater penetration. It should go without saying that one’s firearm of choice should be simple, ergonomic, and accurate (A 50 inch long bolt action rifle is a terrible choice for a home defense weapon). Semi-automatic is the way to go, since pump action or lever action guns can fall victim to short strokes and fail to fire in the middle of an adrenaline-fueled encounter.

        A light source is the second most item one must have for home defense. The vast majority of break-ins happen at night, and target identification is extremely important if you don’t want to shoot at a loved one who’s sneaking back in after a hard night of partying.

        For weapon mounted lights, an ideal addition to one's home defense arsenal is the INFORCE WML Gen 3. With an impressive 10,000 candelas of brightness packed into its powerful 900 lumen beam, this flashlight is designed to provide exceptional illumination in low-light situations. The concentrated brightness ensures clear visibility for target identification, an essential factor in preventing accidental harm during a home defense scenario.

        Crafted for durability, the INFORCE WML Gen 3 is built to withstand rugged conditions outdoors, making it a reliable choice for home defense purposes. Its resistance to dirt and sand, coupled with a waterproof rating of up to 66ft, ensures that it remains operational in various challenging environments.

        The flashlight's ergonomic design, featuring a nonslip button, contributes to ease of operation, allowing homeowners to quickly and confidently access illumination in a moment of crisis. By incorporating the INFORCE WML Gen 3 into one's home defense setup, individuals can enhance their ability to identify potential threats and take informed actions, aligning with the article's emphasis on practicality and quick response times.

        Handheld solutions may sometimes be safer, since they don’t require you to aim your weapon at whatever you’re illuminating the flashlight with. A pistol of your choice combined with the 700 lumen INFORCE TFx is also a viable choice for home defense.

        The essence of effective home defense lies in a pragmatic and swift response that prioritizes simplicity and functionality. While the initial inclination may be to amass an extensive array of tactical equipment, the reality of a home invasion scenario demands practicality. Quick decision-making becomes paramount, prompting the recommendation for a streamlined setup comprising a reliable light and firearm.

        The spotlight on the INFORCE WML Gen 3 underscores the importance of advanced yet user-friendly tools in enhancing one's home defense capabilities. With its remarkable 10,000 candelas of brightness and durable design, this weapon-mounted flashlight proves to be a valuable asset for clear target identification in low-light conditions. Moreover, acknowledging the need for versatility, handheld solutions like the INFORCE TFx present a compelling alternative, providing an additional layer of safety without the necessity of aiming a weapon during illumination.

        In navigating the realm of home defense, the key takeaway is the convergence of simplicity, quick response times, and advanced yet accessible tools. By adopting a practical approach and incorporating reliable equipment into our defense strategy, we empower ourselves to effectively safeguard our homes and loved ones in the face of unforeseen threats.

        Why Weapon-Mounted Flashlights are Important

        Why Weapon-Mounted Flashlights are Important

        Home defense is a serious matter, and when faced with the unexpected threat of a home invasion, having the right tools at your disposal can make all the difference. While your trusty shotgun or rifle might be your first line of defense, neglecting one crucial aspect can put you and your loved ones at risk: illumination. 

        Unlike shooting skeet, hunting, or other daytime outdoor shooting scenarios, home invasions most often occur under cover of darkness. This gives the home defender the unique challenge of identifying his target before pulling the trigger. After all, you can’t shoot what you can’t see. Without proper lighting, you're operating blind, risking misidentification and potentially harming innocent family members or pets. This is where a weapon light like the INFORCE WML Gen 3 becomes an invaluable asset for home defense. 


        Here's why a weapon-mounted light (WML) should be a cornerstone of your home defense strategy: 

        Positive Identification: Be aware of your target and what is beyond it. This core rule of firearm safety applies even more at night. A WML cuts through the darkness, allowing you to clearly see who or what you're aiming at thanks to its 900 lumens of lighting power and its 200m range. This not only protects innocent bystanders but also prevents legal ramifications from mistaken identity shootings. 

        Disorientation and Deterrence: A high-intensity light like the INFORCE WML Gen 3 series with its 10,000-candela beam can act as a powerful deterrent. The sudden flash of blinding light can disorient and confuse intruders and is capable of causing flash blindness even in broad daylight. This can give you precious seconds to assess the situation and take appropriate action. In some cases, this disorientation alone might be enough to send intruders fleeing. 

        Tactical Advantage: A WML enhances your tactical capabilities in low-light situations. It allows you to maintain situational awareness by illuminating potential threats in your surroundings and giving you a clearer picture of the environment. This newfound awareness can help you navigate your home safely and make informed decisions during a critical situation. 

        Beyond Home Defense: While a WML shines brightest in home defense scenarios, its utility extends beyond that. It can be a valuable tool for camping trips, wildlife encounters, or even everyday situations like checking on a strange noise outside your house. 

        Choosing the Right WML: Not all weapon mounted lights are created equal. When choosing one for home defense, consider factors like: 

        • Light intensity: Consider a light with a high-candela output for maximum disorientation and visibility. As previously mentioned, the INFORCE WML has 900 lumens and 10,000 candelas of concentrated intensity, making it ideal for a home defense scenario. 
        • Durability: Your home defense light should be built to withstand the rigors of recoil and potential drops. Made from glass reinforced nylon, the INFORCE WML is meant for the rugged outdoors and is meant to withstand dirt and sand while also being waterproof up to 66ft. 
        • Ease of activation: A switch that can be easily operated with one hand is crucial for quick deployment. On the INFORCE WML, this comes in the form of its ergonomic nonslip button, contoured to the shape of the human thumb, which ensures smooth, natural activation. 


        Owning a WML is only half the equation. Familiarize yourself with its operation, practice safe handling and aiming techniques, and consider seeking professional training to maximize its effectiveness in a high-stress situation. 

        By equipping your home defense firearm with a WML, you're not just adding a light source; you're adding a layer of safety, security, and tactical advantage. In the darkest of moments, a well-chosen WML can be the difference between fear and control or between life and death. Make sure you're prepared to shine a light on any threat that may come your way. 


        Additional Tips: 

        • Store your loaded home defense firearm and WML in a secure location, but one that is readily accessible in an emergency. 
        • Regularly test your WML's functionality and battery life. 
        • Never point your WML at anyone, even in jest, as it can cause temporary or even permanent eye damage. 

        Choosing your CQB Weapon

        Choosing your CQB Weapon

        When it comes to protecting your home and property, choosing the right firearm is crucial. As with all things, various types of firearms you can use to defend your castle have unique advantages and disadvantages. In this article, we'll explore the details of selecting your close-quarters battle (CQB) weapon, focusing on pistols, rifles, carbines, and shotguns.



        Pistols are often seen as backup weapons, but their unique advantage for home defense lies in their ergonomics and size. Easy to conceal, lightweight, and maneuverable in tight spaces, pistols become even more effective when paired with INFORCE tactical flashlights like the WILD1 and WILD2 – especially in a low light scenario typical of a home invasion. The WILD series of flashlights, exclusively designed for pistols, not only illuminate dark corners but also act as makeshift aiming devices.

        In a home defense scenario, a pistol's ergonomics and comfort become crucial. A good firearm should offer sufficient power to stop a threat, with shot placement taking precedence over sheer stopping power.

        Instead of closing one eye and relying on the pistol’s iron sights, a shooter can remain as alert as possible with both eyes open, retaining his peripheral vision while trusting that all the rounds he fires will land within the bright, concentrated beam from his WILD pistol light.


        Rifles and Carbines

        Rifles and carbines provide stability and increased magazine capacity, making them formidable choices for home defense. The stability and accuracy of rifles become paramount in critical situations like a hostage scenario or an intruder threatening a loved one at knife point.

        Modern semi-automatic rifles and pistol-caliber carbines are usually equipped with rails for optics like red dots, which allow superior accuracy at close range. With the addition of high intensity WML lights, shooters will be able to conduct CQB operations in low light environments while maintaining a high degree of situational awareness.

        To address concerns about maneuverability, the inclusion of folding stocks is advisable, since they reduce the overall length of the weapon for easier room clearing and indoor mobility.



        There are some who hesitate to use a rifle for close quarters battle scenarios because they fear overpenetration. American homes are simply not built to withstand bullets, and even most pistol rounds can go through dry wall. While 12ga buckshot can absolutely penetrate through dry wall, it’s less penetrative than a centerfire pistol or rifle round.

        The diversity of ammunition options for shotguns, including slugs, buckshot, birdshot, or purpose-built home defense loads, provides homeowners with a range of choices for either leisure shooting or home defense. Like any rail-compatible long arm, snapping an INFORCE WML can ensure better visibility in low-light scenarios, helping home defenders make informed decisions while keeping potential threats in check.


        Choosing the right firearm for home defense demands careful consideration. But whether you opt for the agility of a pistol, the stability of a rifle, or the versatility of a shotgun, adding an INFORCE flashlight to your home defense firearm amplifies its effectiveness in low-light situations. It's not just about having a gun; it's about making smart decisions with the right tools. Ordinary gun owners, armed with knowledge and the right equipment, can fortify their homes and ensure the safety of their households and loved ones.

        The Wall of Light Technique

        The Wall of Light Technique

        The term "wall of light" typically refers to a law enforcement tactic involving the use of powerful, blinding lights to disorient individuals during various situations. This tactic is often employed in crowd control, search operations, and riot control.

        When employing a wall of light, a police officer or security guard shines a powerful flashlight on a suspect or person of interest while simultaneously giving orders to surrender or restraining the individual. The intense light forces people to shield their eyes or otherwise look away from the officer, making it difficult for them to draw a weapon or resist arrest, which is why the “wall of light” is also known as “defensive illumination.”

        Civilians can use this tactic to avoid potential life-threatening situations by shining their lights at an aggressor or wild animal. If the light in question is attached to a pistol, it would allow positive threat identification which would prevent accidental discharge on a non-hostile target. Used with a standard handheld tactical light, a wall of light would cause flash blindness, giving a brief window to retreat.



        The blinding effect of high-intensity lights can disorient and temporarily incapacitate individuals, making it difficult for them to see and react effectively. Aside from preventing potentially dangerous suspects from reaching for weapons, this can be particularly useful in crowd control situations to disperse or control unruly crowds without resorting to more aggressive measures.

        Officers also use walls of light in a variety of situations, from nighttime traffic stops to search and rescue operations, to provide better visibility and safety for officers and others involved. Tactical lights can also be used to see through tinted windows to provide an extra layer of safety for officers who don’t want to be caught unawares. A patrol car’s spotlight can also be shined in the rear-view mirror of a car during a traffic stop to prevent drivers from violently reacting to an approaching officer.



        The "wall of light" tactic can be subject to misuse or overuse by law enforcement, potentially leading to excessive force and violating the rights of individuals. This raises concerns about the potential for abuse of power.

        On the other side of the fence, law enforcement officers are fully aware of the power of a high intensity tactical flashlight. In 2020, an El Paso man was charged with a felony assault for shining his light at a sheriff’s deputy in an unmarked car in his driveway. The civilian, who lived in a high crime area, assumed it was a suspicious individual, but was arrested since the officer counted his actions as an assault. Charges were dropped when a judge ruled the El Paso man had no malicious intent.


        The "wall of light" tactic is only one of many non-lethal tactics used by law enforcement and may not always be effective, particularly against determined or well-prepared individuals. In some cases, it can even escalate tensions and provoke a violent response.

        One of the most effective flashlights for “walls of light” are INFORCE tactical lights. These tactical flashlights are compatible with rifles or helmets with high candela counts. The WMLx Gen 3, for example, boasts 10,000 candelas of beam intensity. This allows them to shine an intense, concentrated beam, making them perfect to use for “walls of light.”

        While this law enforcement tactic has both advantages and disadvantages and has proven itself to be a valuable non-lethal tool for disorientation and crowd control, it must be used with caution, considering the potential for misuse, ethical concerns, and its overall effectiveness. The appropriateness of using this tactic should be evaluated in each specific situation, with a focus on minimizing harm and respecting individual rights.



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