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        INFORCE Blog — M1911

        Springfield Operator 1911s - Light Ready and So Much More

        Springfield Operator 1911s - Light Ready and So Much More

        Title image by Michael Bordon, After Action AZ Photography via an article by Michael Mills.


        The M1911 is a timeless piece of American ingenuity and engineering. The design of this semi-automatic pistol, which predates even the iconic M1 Garand by a couple of decades, has been proven to be reliable, accurate, and ergonomic. The same pistol wielded by the US Marines during the Iraq War would be completely familiar to the blue-shirted American troops in the Philippines at the turn of the 20th century.

        The functional, efficient design of the classic M1911 has remained unchanged until now. Springfield Armory, itself immersed in American tradition, has added a few bells and whistles to the M1911 to bring this beloved handgun into the modern era.

        The Operator™ 1911 maintains the classic functionality of its World War-era predecessor with the same dependable single-action firing mechanism while featuring several practical and ergonomic add-ons that enhance how the Operator™ feels and shoots.

        G10 grips from the renowned manufacturer VZ give the Operator™ an aggressive, stippled surface as well as a groove that conforms to the natural placement of the thumb which helps shooters lock their hands to the gun. These grips are made of an extremely durable composite of glass cloth and epoxy resin, highly resistant to wear and tear and built for rugged environments.

        Springfield did far more than upgrade the M1911’s aesthetics. The Operator™ now features an ambidextrous safety, a feature left-handed shooters have been clamoring about for decades. It also features a stainless-steel forged match-grade 5” barrel and a 4.5lb trigger ensuring the smooth, responsive trigger break 1911s are known for as well as shots with pinpoint accuracy.

        Image: Michael Bordon, After Action AZ Photography

        What truly sets this apart from other 1911s though is the addition of an accessory rail. Previously, the 1911 platform was infamous for being difficult to accessorize. While the Recover Tactical Rail was a fine stop-gap solution, the Operator™ and its integrated rail gives shooters the ability to mount lasers and tactical lights without sacrificing the 1911’s weight or sleek profile with a larger grip.

        Pistol-mounted lights such as the INFORCE WILD1 and WILD2 fit like gloves on the Operator’s™ accessory rail. With its powerful 25,000 candela beam and 1,000 Lumen output, the WILD2 functions as a powerful flashlight or as a low-light aiming device. Perfect for low-light shooting in the dark rooms and ideal for home defense, the Operator™ and INFORCE WILD series of lights are a match made in heaven.

        With options for those who favor either accuracy or power, the Operator™ is available in both 9mm and .45 ACP and comes with a pair of 9+1 or 8+1 magazines respectively.

        With its sleek style, performance-grade parts and modularity, the Operator™ is the 1911 of the future. Combined with the INFORCE WILD series for unparalleled illumination, this pistol-light combo is a must for any discerning home defense or tactical shooter who favors the ease of use and smooth trigger action of the 1911 platform.



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